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Big Ideas Start Small

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Soil Concept

Our goal is to stop the damage done by chemicals and unsustainable processes by providing sustainable options for daily use products that are safe for humans and environment. Soil concept is led by women. 90% of our staff is women from underpriviledged, socio – economic classes. We have natural and completely biodegradable products made from river – friendly formulation.


Distinct Horizon

Distinct Horizon strives to double the profits of poor and marginal Farmers across the developing world, significantly reduce large-scale climate change caused by chemical fertilizers and increase food production, sustainably. We have developed the World’s first tractor-driven Fertilizer/ Urea Deep Placement Applicator, which places Urea briquettes 7 to 10 centimeters (cm) below the soil surface near the roots of crops, leading to better Urea usage and improved crop yields, lower costs and significantly reduced environmental damage.



FARMEXA is a Cold storage and Warehousing chain company. We are transforming the storage chain of agriculture product with our innovative technology. We are promoting farmers to increase their holding capacity and trade their product by their own so that they can increase their profit.


Skill Ed.

Skill Education is first of its kind premier Live Skill training facility focused on skilling education to transform the Indian Ed-techfor GEN Z. Skill Education is the Live Skilling Platform with Live Training, Mentorship, Early Talent Program, Upskilling Experience, Assured Internships with global brands and placement support with top notch corporates.



ZIAVII powered by En marketing private limited is a platform that connects user to Salons,Parlors and Spa. ZIAVII is a platform that connects users to Salons,Parlors and Spa in India. Every day we are focused providing better services to the people. India’s first real-time salon and parlor appointment platform to book hair and beauty service like hair spa, shave, keratin, smoothening, pedicure, and makeup from your favorite beauty parlor or salon near you. ZIAVII is an Indian online service-providing company, the company provides online services for its prior booking appointments pertaining to hair-dressing and makeups for women, men, and kids.  They are currently working in Lucknow city,and  have immense number of options to choose customers’ type of hairstyles/nail arts/makeups. We provide a platform for the Salons/Spas/Beauty parlors to offer their services and for the customers to consume them.


Pot A Plant

Nowadays we all are facing problems of huge climatic change and increased global warming problem the only solution is Planting at a large scale at every home and place. 
But the main problem is that in this tech-enabled time everyone is forgetting the habit of planting because of their busy schedule and due to a lack of awareness about plant care. If people do plant by their own choice but after a period of time, they could not give time to it so it all goes to waste. We need to generate the hobby of planting and make it easy for them. 
As we know plant also needs care like a small baby to grow up and give us shade so it is also a needful demand. Through research, they found that some huge platforms are providing plants online but it is not so easy task to deliver plants in other cities in their healthy form. So, there is a need arise for deliver a plant in its original and healthy form to the doorstep that's only possible by the local service provider that can function like a chain between the buyer and supplier. They have a gift section and a franchise model where people who are interested in gifting a Natural plant item. They can Buy every type of plant with decorated pots.


Kesarwani Business Enterprises

Kesarwani Business Enterprises is a private-sector product and service-based company. We provide “A To Z” solutions to institutions & corporate world customers in the field of Agriculture. The company is committed and generates new business models and services through a network of individuals and institutions based that will unless nationwide synergies. They support the new ways of Agriculture entrepreneurs’ development in the private sector initiative organization and provide knowledge, creativity, dissemination, and livelihood solution for rural people in India. Now they are also initiated to work on agriculture input selling, crop production, procurement, marketing, and trading at domestic and export levels.

वर्धनम् Logo_edited.png

Vardhanam Coopetition Pvt. Ltd

Vardhanam is creating a F2B supply chain from farmers to retailers. We created an App based platform on retailers can order/buy their daily demand of all goods for sale and in the same way, a farmer can sell their produce through our unique application, which will be delivered to our warehouse( nearby location) same day.

shivramesh logo_edited_edited.png

Shivramesh Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

"Shivramesh Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a Healthcare Company providing High-Quality Ayurvedic Medicines and customized treatments. Backed by a team of expert Ayurveda doctors, herbalists, and other healthcare professionals we have served thousands of people from India and abroad with satisfactory results. Their products are manufactured in state-of-the-art WHO GMP-certified and FDA-registered manufacturing units. Apart from the ready-to-use ayurvedic products and medicines they also provide customized solutions for patients suffering from chronic and complicated diseases."


Zyphr  Motors

 Zyphr Motors are focused on designing high-speed, electric two-wheelers for the Indian market. Our EV Motor is unlike other players, We will offer a connected ride experience, features onboard navigation, personalized profiles, a top speed of 80 kmph, 0-60 kmph in 6 Seconds, and sub-one-hour charging. Our company will be the first electric scooter to be completely designed and manufactured in India"



IndiMediScience is a rapidly rising research and writing consultancy providing sure-shot writing solutions in biological engineering, science, and technology domains. We provide concise, structured, and accurate scientific content for academia, industry, and healthcare.



ITM Core provides AI based education system to educational institutes. The Virtual Robotics System is AI-based and can operate automatically for scheduled classes. ITMCore also has a VR Based Experimental Lab System where various observations can be performed virtually.


KOSH LOGO_edited.jpg

Kosh is an organic cotton handspun and handwoven fabric production unit that functions on sustainability, zero waste, 100% organic, and preserving traditional values while employing and empowering rural women.



Mybooksify is an exchange platform for students where they can sell and buy used books at half price and sometimes get books for free from our users who want to (GIVE IT FOR FREE). Not only this mybooksify also have an e-commerce solution where we sell used books at half prices. Basically, mybooksify is a chain of used book markets gathered at the same place online. Mybooksify also focuses on the e-book segment where they are trying to make a difference in the school education system by creating an e-book that will come with an intelligent device (Tablet) in that case students don't have to carry a heavy bag or purchase expensive notes books they can read and write on it.


TENSIFT (1).png

TFFCO is a market-oriented group providing high-quality bio-fertilizers / organic fertilizers/micronutrients and organic fish farming with online service in order to establish ourselves as the pioneer in this field since 2005 as the partner growth with our farmers and Govt of Odisha. TFFCO aims to be the specialist in Biofertilizer and organic fish farming in various reservoirs of Odisha with emphasis on strengthening its market leadership while looking into new opportunities to grow with other organic avenues.



India’s 1st Hyperlocal e-commerce platform. A platform for user to connect all Shops and Service Provider with respect to their market at anywhere in the world. A service platform and system which is deliver user’s ordered products and services within 20 minutes fastest delivery at world Lowest delivery fee start at 4/- only. 3) A Platform for all Vendors (local to premium) to connect their consumers with respect to market as well as whole city even from home too.


Freshily 19 Agri-tech Pvt. Ltd. is working to solve the challenges small farmers face while adopting chemical-free farming. The company is working in the district of Unnao, Uttar Pradesh to solve the following issues related to organic farming.

  • Some farmers started organic farming, but they failed as there was no dedicated platform where they could market their produce

  • Lack of Infrastructure linkage to their post-harvest produce

  • Trust between farmers and health-conscious consumers over the traceability of organic produce

At BioNEST-BHU, Freshily 19 Agri-tech Pvt. Ltd. is working for the detection and management of aflatoxins in groundnut, and the prevention of infections in groundnuts while storage and transportation. Freshily 19 Agri-tech Pvt. Ltd. is developing aflatoxin-free fortified peanut butter & cattle feed from ground waste.

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