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About CIED


  • To help students convert their start up dreams into reality.

  • CIED aims to foster entrepreneurial culture in the university campus and channelize the youth energy of students towards creating productive and innovative ventures; thereby making them job creators rather than job seekers.

  • CIED is in the process of creating an ecosystem that supports creativity and innovation and inculcates the spirit of entrepreneurship among the Integral University community (students, faculty members, alumni and other stakeholders). CIED is specially focused towards technology based entrepreneurs.

  • CIED will contribute in the regional and national socio-economic development of marginalized sections and communities of India through entrepreneurial interventions that are integral to the progress of India as a great nation.


  • To create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem in Integral University campus, for promoting and nurturing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

What we do?

  • CIED aims to support Integral University’s vision to educate the students in the most constructive and Innovative way.

  • CIED understands and believes that for an entrepreneur, it takes more than just a great idea to succeed. The Center, therefore, provides wide-ranging support including incubation, mentoring, advisory services, networking, and investor connect that would play a crucial role at all stages of the entrepreneurial journeys.

  • We aim to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of students through capacity-building measures and by mentoring new start-ups. CIED is specially focused on technology-based entrepreneurs, in particular in agriculture, healthcare, biotechnology, environment , and service sectors.  CIED gives preference to women entrepreneurs and expressively welcomes their applications.  The incubation center seeks to explore, understand, and turn tech ideas into reality by providing the required mentoring and access to start-up ecosystem resources.  CIED aims to promote entrepreneurship among young people and thereby encourage them to create wealth and social value through their successful innovative ventures. This will also make them job creators rather than job seekers after finishing their studies.

Who We Are?

  • CIED was set up by Integral University in September 2019 to promote, encourage and incubate new enterprises, particularly technology-based start-ups, with innovative products and services.

  • CIED is made up of faculty, students, and alumni of Integral University, and is headed by the Director. Backed by a strong alumni base that includes successful entrepreneurs and a domain of experts, CIED is well-placed to incubate, nurture and guide prospective entrepreneurs in starting sustainable businesses. With the external support of a strong panel of CEOs, startup owners, technology and other domain professionals, and experts from the industry and academia, as mentors and advisors, CIED is committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into viable businesses.

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