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We at CIED, like to push the boundaries to make our startups succeed.

Legal Counseling

Bringing your product or solution to the masses takes time, effort and constant dedication. But our Legal Counseling aims to solve those challenges by providing you with all the necessary tools to achieve & scale your ideas.


Our Mentorship is at the center of our offerings as a premier Tech Incubator. That’s because we realize how important it is for new startups to claim their position in the market and hit the ground running with innovation and strategy. Scroll below to see how we can get started.

Patent Support

IPRMC, Integral University guides and helps the faculty and students of Integral University in assessment of patentability and to apply for various IPRs such as Invention(s), Designs and other creative works. The students desirous of filing a patent or for any other IPR application would be given the necessary
advice and guidance by the IPRMC.

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